Staying Safe on the Road

We all drive safer cars today. They all come standard with seat belts and most with air bags. Public information and decades of campaigns have made us all safer drivers. In the U.S. we had the lowest fatal accidents in 2008. It’s still a very big issue leading to more than 37,000 deaths for people 34 and under and children up to three.

drunkdrivers-mgnWhile improvements are constantly being made in technology, the cause of accidents in general is human error. Always practice safe driving. Whether you have been driving for years or just learning, its always good to practice safety tips. A lot of deaths could have been avoided if no one got behind the wheel while drinking. People don’t think they are too drunk to drive. Alcohol causes a slow reaction time, and less coordination. Not only is it stupid, its against the law. If you get caught you will find your way to jail. It’s very easy not to drink and drive. Call a friend or a taxi. No one wants to hear about a loved one killed because of this since it’s so easy to avoid.

Go the speed limit. They have those signs on the highway and streets for a reason. If driving across town, don’t go faster just to get there on time. Leave earlier. No sense in trying to get there faster if its a 50% chance of an accident. Anything can be a distraction, not just cell phones. Eating, and my favorite dumb one of all, applying makeup. Always keep your eyes on the road. You never know when someone will run a red light. The old slogan goes, watch out for the other guy. Make sure you get enough sleep before driving. You may think you are wide awake but not getting enough sleep can cause you just to zone out. If you are going 70 mph and this happens, you are risking your life and everyone around you. It doesn’t take but those two seconds to have an accident.