Importance of Teaching Teens Auto Safety

Each year hundreds of teens die in car accidents. Most of them are between the age of 16 to 19. Most are caused by distraction or being careless. Unfortunately, safe driving is taken for granted by a lot of teens.

Series with two teens driving in a car. Includes lots of images with texting and looking at cel phones while in motion.

It just takes moments for a bad accident to take place. Most of our children will take driving lessons at school. This will help them learn the rules of the road. Defensive driving is another course you can have your child take since this cuts down on accidents. New drivers should know about awareness on the road and stay alert. No cell phones while driving. If someone has something to talk or text about, then pull over. Its not worth your life or anyone else.

Teach them about drugs and alcohol. Never drive under any influence, and also wear a seat belt. There all kinds of organizations with teens in a group who have lost friends due to circumstances that could have been prevented. Overall, we as parents can be a big influence with their driving experience. Once we educate them the choices they make while learning to drive safely they’ll remember. Teens need to to commit themselves to safe driving, so the odds of an accident are in their favor. Let them know they should learn on their own 3 to 6 months before letting friends ride with them. Reckless driving is still a danger. Never rush because it’s always better to be late.

Make a driving household rule chart. The child and parent should sign this. This should be a list of safe driving rules. If they break a rule take away their privilege. Better to make them mad than to lose them forever. When they go out and they are drinking, promise no punishment if they call you to come pick them up. We love our kids. Cars are replaceable, they are not.