Devices for Detecting Speed

htb1al4iipxxxxa6xvxxq6xxfxxxjFor drivers, one of the debates has been the hot spots of speed traps by the police and other authorities that reduce the amount of accidents. Statistics show that cameras are used to reduce accidents. They are placed in areas where motorists will most likely speed or have an accident. Most businessmen will do high mileage and commit the most speeding offenses. Most of them feel that have been driving over ten years without accidents and a little speeding ticket shouldn’t be an issue. The law says regardless, if you are speeding, regardless of experience, you have broken the law. These speed traps have reduced the amount of accidents and death on these highways.

There are many kinds of devices of speed traps. But the majority are static and mobile. Static consist of Gatso cameras are radar. SPECS cameras measure your speed with road sensors. These speed traps are compatible with a number of devices. The most popular is the Road Angel Laser Alert. This is a GPS device which is in constant control from satellite, and lights up red when you near a road sensor. The other is a neat small golf ball device that you can pop on your windshield. This also sends a signal to your GPS to let you know when you are approaching a speed trap. We also have an app which a lot of people use. It is an app they download off the internet. It lets everyone on their list where roadblocks are. Just remember, even though we have all this technology at our fingertips, you can’t just run around breaking the law. Speeding causes accidents. Yes we have devices to help us get around the roadblocks and the speed traps. “Speed kills.”  We know this, and these are the things we will teach our kids. We can’t run around doing over the speed limit and risk the lives of ourselves and others.