About Roadwise

parent-support-groupWelcome to Roadwise. We are a group of mostly parents that are interested in helping our children and other drivers stay safe on the road. We developed this site as a resource for drivers, especially those who are first time drivers and their parents, as a way to encourage road safety. This site will be used as a station for information, advice, and news related to all topics of safe driving.

Safe driving is something that we all need to practice. Too many people, young and old, lose their lives on the roads of America each and every day. We aim to teach everyone ways to drive safer. A big part of safe driving is driving defensively. When we drive defensively, we are driving in a manner that focuses on saving lives most importantly, but also on saving time and money, despite the actions of others and the conditions we are driving in.

We hope you will follow along with us on this site as we continue to update it. Please involve any of your new drivers in reading this information as well. It could save a life!